Game Art


Art created for a mock game pitch.  The concept of Sproutlings took inspiration from Tomodachi Life, Pikmin, and Tamagotchi.  The player would interact with their Sproutlings by watering them and talking to them, and they in turn would give the player seeds for new, unique Sproutlings!


Dark Roads: Background Art

I was an animator on this project, but I created some supplementary background art for the game as well, to help lighten the workload of the main artist.

Dark Roads: Character Animations


I worked with artist Del Nordlund to create these animations.  They designed and drew each character, and you can find more of their work here.
I worked very efficiently in Photoshop and Spine to create subtle, fluid animations using their art, which was a useful experience in working with another artist's work to create a high-quality final product.  

In Dark Roads, the characters are traveling by car.  I also created an idle animation without the shuddery movement of the car.

You can read more about Dark Roads and download the game here.


ARK: Character Portraits

As a team of 5, each the ARK developers came up with their own character.  Artist Anita He and I worked with everyone to design their characters to match their vision

I created the line work in my own art style, and coloured 4 of 5 characters using Anita's style guide.  Since this project, I have found ease in following style guides as well as mimicking art styles.

You can see more of Anita's work here, and learn about ARK here.


Other Game Art

Throughout my experience creating games as a hobby, I've created many visual assets, but these are just a handful of my favourites.  While not a part of fully-fleshed out games, these assets were a great chance to learn more about creating art for games.



© Reilly MacKay, 2020

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