Role Played in the Project:

Physical Gameplay &

Game Design

Tools I Used:


Team Size:

11 People

Time Frame:

5 Days

Date Created:

October 2016


Ice ball was created for Sheridan Game Design’s Fall 2016 Sprint Week, a 5-day game jam with a design challenge to create a physical and digital game with the same gameplay.  The group split into two and communicated effectively to create a uniform experience between the two games.  

Ice Ball won 1st place in Fall Sprint Week 2016. 


Digital Game:

Ara Alexanian-Farr

Ian Wang

Jennifer Stienstra
Keana Almario

​Kyle Baartman
Nicole Caverley

Physical Game:

Brent Gilbert Pemberton

Caelhan Wood

Del Nordlund

Reilly MacKay

Robert Orange

View Page & Download Here:

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